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yes bank share analysis

yes bank fundamental and technical analysis for value investing yes bank share analysis thinking of a stock which will give you high return and also a high market capitalisation (A big company already) so according to our analysis and research if you want a company in banking sector which can give manifold return and also a big market capitalisation (both not frequently found together properties) and you are also a somewhat risky investor with high risk appetite so yes bank can give you high return but as on now (8-02-2021) it is of not considered to buy but now it is advised to just keep a close eye on stock as stock now in sideways zone . but now bank has stabilised after SBI taking its control and its CEO became Prashant Kumar , former Chief financial officer of SBI. and also LIC has bought a major stake in company as well has increased much stake in company which gives indication that big institutions and funds also now has and yet has exposure in yes bank even LIC. history and origin Yes Bank Limited is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai, India[7] and was founded by Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur in 2004. yes bank 2020 crisis at one time yes bank has amazed people by becoming the fastest growing private sector bank of its time and also the high amount of interests that it pay to its investors but on 5 march 2020 the reserve bank of india after considering the benefits of its share holders and its depositers after considering the high amount of bad loans and net NPA . Yes bank FPO yes bank on announced its FPO to raise almost 15,000 rupee from the markets to adjust their ratios which are highly specified and mandatory by a bank for its proper functioning and any functional crisis prevention so the money which would come from FPO would adjust the ratios and thus stability the bank. Financial statements analysis in FY 2020 yes bank has reported a net loss of over 16,000 the year in which reserve bank of india has announced it’s takeover by SBI along with many other big banks has come in that period and had bought stake in YES Bank at a mere price of approx 10 rupees range . yes bank charts Yes bank share analysis final conclusion after the analysis our final outlook is that it is just wait and watch share as stock is in range bound . so our advice to all investors is that do no investment in yes bank and wait till its fundamentals improve which indication will come as soon as the stock will go above 20 and the definite indication of company share uptrend and company financial health improvement will come as soon as the price of share goes above 25 rupee . the 25 rupee price will almost be as double as the price on which its FPO has come in year 2020. yes bank share analysis

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