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yes bank share analysis

thinking of a stock which will give you high return and also a high market capitalisation (A big company already). so according to our analysis and research if you want a company in banking sector which can give. manifold return and also a big market capitalisation (both not frequently found together properties) and. you are also a somewhat risky investor with high risk appetite so yes bank can. give you high return but as on now (8-02-2021) it is of not considered to. buy but now it is advised to just keep a close eye on stock as stock now in sideways zone . but now bank has stabilised after SBI taking its control and its CEO became Prashant Kumar , former Chief financial officer of SBI. and also LIC has bought a major stake in company as well. has increased much stake in company which gives indication that big institutions and funds also now has. and yet has exposure in yes bank even LIC. history and origin Yes Bank Limited is an Indian private sector bank headquartered in Mumbai, India[7] and was founded by Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur in 2004. yes bank 2020 crisis at one time yes bank has amazed people by becoming the fastest growing private sector bank of its time and. also the high amount of interests that it pay to its investors but on 5 march 2020 the reserve bank of india after. considering the benefits of its share holders and its depositers after considering the high amount of bad loans and net NPA . Yes bank FPO yes bank on announced its FPO to raise almost 15,000 rupee from the markets to adjust their ratios which are highly specified. and mandatory by a bank for its proper functioning and any functional crisis prevention so the money. which would come from FPO would adjust the ratios and thus stability the bank. Financial statements analysis in FY 2020 yes bank has reported a net loss of over 16,000 the year in which reserve bank of india has announced it’s takeover by. SBI along with many other big banks has come in that period and had bought stake in YES Bank at a mere price of approx 10 rupees range . yes bank charts Yes bank share analysis final conclusion. after the analysis our final outlook is that it is just wait and watch share as stock is in range bound . so our advice to all investors is that do no investment in yes bank and wait till its fundamentals. improve which indication will come as soon as the stock will go above 20 and the definite indication. of company share uptrend and company financial health improvement will come

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ashok leyland share analysis

ashok leyland share fundamental and technical analysis for value investing. The share of ashok leyland has been rallied almost 20% in two days much after budget announcement. but you are thinking of investing in ashok leyland our goal of writing this is you can get every information. and view of big brokers such as morgan stanley before investing in ashok leyland. for start from the beginning ashok leyland only manufactures commercial vehciles and some. gensets also but in india it is always in top two in heavy and medium vehcile manufacturing and among three after. mahindra&mahindra when light weight vehcile combined. but yoy will be thinking why ashok leyland there are around 5000 companies. listed on Bombay stock exchange but after the market crash in march 2020 the stock of ashok. leyland had almost touched 30 rupees level and today on 3-02-2020 the stock has nearly quadrupled. and according to some big brokers such as morgan stanley there is also minimum 50% upside in the stock level also from this level.. when it come to fundamental analysis after the Unionbudget2021 on 1st feb the scrappage policy will nearly come in 15 days . in which commercial vehcile older than 15 years have to removed from indian roads which would ultimately create demand for. new trucks buses and also other commercial vehciles which will definitely increase ashok leyland sales as they are. market leader in india in truck and buses. also after union budget 2021 the government has clearly put. focus on infrastucture,health infrastructure, development of ports,power plants,corridors which ultimately needs. heavy logistics and heavy vehciles thus affecting ashok leyland share.

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union budget 2021

union budget 2021 the finance minister of India Nirmala Sitharaman on 1 ST February declared the budget of india . in simple words the budget of any country is like the budget you made for your home for a year or month. that for a fixed amount of. money how and where you are going to spend it in coming year or month. Important budget points. fiscal deficit– Deficit is the difference between the total income of the government (total taxes and non-debt capital receipts) and its total expenditure. A fiscal deficit situation occurs when the government’s expenditure exceeds its income. This difference is calculated both in absolute terms and also as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. A recurring high fiscal deficit means that the government has been spending beyond its means. Cess-cess is simply tax on tax .it is generally applied when govt want extra income but not leaving any other tax. Repo Rate The rate at which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lends money or securities to banks or the interest they pay to RBI is called Repo Rate. Annual Financial Statement (AFS)– AFS is the estimated receipts and expenditure in respect of every financial year. union budget 2021. what’s for you in the union budget 2021? the scrappage policy has put all the automobile sector stocks surging and at 7-8 years high but it. is not good for the middle class people as private vehicle older than 20 years .can’t be run on roads. and commercial vehicle older than 20 years have to be scrapped so it’s not very good news. for middle class people. the monopoly of electricity supplying company in an area has been abolished by govt as people will have to choose between a different company whichever are helpful and more. economical for them the govt has increased the financial budget of health sector from previous year by. 137% after the covid-19 . the FDI investment limit in the insurance sector has been increased to 74% the govt will also promote digital education and digital investing. the goverment will promote international trade and will increase privatisation of ports and sea corridors the goverment of India will do diinvestment of approx 1.75 lakh crore from its company. the Ipo of LIC will come in upcoming financial year no new long term capital gain tax was imposed or increased which basically boosted the market. financial deficit of India at 6.8% No IT filing for people above 75 years who get pension and earn interest from deposits Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (LPG scheme) to be extended to cover 1 crore more beneficiaries . yes bank fundamental and technical analysis for value investing ashok leyland share fundamental and technical analysis for value investing. union budget 2021 Stock market reaction on union budget 2021

tech mahindra share analysis

tech mahindra fundamental and technical analysis for value investing. tech mahindra share analysis Tech mahindra share analysis the fifth biggest IT company in india and a market cap of almost 97,000 crore (12 january 2021) therefore it. is in a race to become the top IT companies in world just like TCS is now the. biggest IT company in the world so the reason of us doing tech mahindra share analysis is tech mahindra financials tech mahindra as on 15-02-2021 has almost a market cap of. almost 97,000 crore and in fy 2020 it’s revenue was. 39,000 (almost) and it is a large cap in india and a part of nifty- the why investing tech mahindra?. first in the covid 19 crash one of the best permofing even in the lockdown has been the IT. tech mahindra financials tech mahindra data credit goes to ticker tape so the conclusion from the stat’s is that the revenue. of tech mahindra is simply growing over the years and. the company has also provided good dividend over the years. and has always provided better return than fixed. deposit every year and also it is large cap company and run by mahindra group and the industrialist Anand Mahindra as CEO. balance sheet tech mahindra however one of the reason behind. tech mahindra share analysis is because it has a very strong balance. sheet that its total asset is much greater than. it’s liabilities which is a indication that even in hard times for instance such as covid-19 lockdown there is almost. no chance of company bankruptcy because even that has happened in. big companies just like. Kodak bankruptcy tech mahindra ratios. all the data credit goes to moneycontrol Over the last 5 years, revenue has grown at a yearly rate of 10.86%, vs industry avg of 9.75%. Over the last 5 years, market share increased from 7.13% to 7.55%. in the last 5 years, net income has grown at a yearly rate of 8.95%, vs industry avg of 8.05%. above all the point of investing in tech mahindra. is that it’s high profitability margin PBDIT MARGIN of almost 20 that has remained. almost constant however is has been decreased slowly over years (not a big issue). but the biggest strength of tech mahindra and of all good companies is that it’s consistent net increasing profit over the years. net income in right year is 2020 so this is a indication along with it’s increasing revenue and market cap. total revenue is indicstion that it is one of the best company in india for investors along with almost low risk. tech mahindra return over the years graph. graph credit goes to if we consider tech mahindra share price after it’s issue it’s price was almost of 900 but when in 2008 global share market crashed the share price almost gone to 100. but now in 2020 the share price has gone almost to 1000. in a period of 10 years. so tech mahindra over a period of 10 years has given. almost 10 times return and understand that is excluding consistent dividend company has given to it’s share holders. latest company development. tech mahindra in collaboration with the company IBM. has announced in 2020 february month. that they will collobrate with IBM to focus and develop strategic areas. such as 5G development (major growth factor) ,Artificial intelligence , hybrid cloud development . News of the company *ibm-to-invest-1-bn-in-its-partner-ecosystem -as-it-pushes-for-hybrid-cloud. *ibm-techm-to-deepen-collaboration. other companies share analysis.

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thinking about debentures then from what is debentures in simple language to how to invest in debentures we can . let's leave for a minute what dibenture and let's assume that there is a company named 'A' and it wan't to raise fund then there are two major way's 1) first is to dilute it's equity and give it's share and there is no give any interest or money to it's investors. 2)second major way is to take loan from the bank or investors but there are two major problems .first is paying interest on the loan taken and second is that even corporates have to give some collateral or securities on account of of taking loan. but wait there is also a third step which is debentures through which goverment and companies can raise money directly from lenders without any collateral or securities in belief or security of the goverment trust and company or corporates size and trust

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leasing container

want to get 10-12% return in investment and tht too in safe asset class and you can also get upto 26% if you choose other plans

what is container leasing

so the basic point is what is the purpose of container leasing. so the purpose behind container leasing is many investors or businessman want containers to transport their goods though ship thus you have container which you have purchased the container which if you cannot directly lease to the businesman or people or company who want container they will get your container through a container leasing company to which you have given your container will in return of some interest which you will be getting from the company

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ASHOK Leyland

Yes bank

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ashok leyland share analysis

yes bank share analysis

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