EP 129: Upgrading Your Identity

EP 129:

Struggling to let go of routines when handing over tasks? 


Grant and I highlight the vital role of strategic planning for business owners adopting new identities, urging intentional definition of success metrics. 

Ready for a similar journey? Outline success in your upgraded role, letting those insights shape your daily actions. 

Remember, seeking support and refining your approach are key to becoming the business owner you aspire to be.


All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
7:38 Personal growth and identity
9:50 Balancing business ownership and personal growth
12:05 Personal growth and identity changes
16:51 Business growth and self-awareness
21:14 The Peter Principle and career growth
25:16 The expectation management in business
28:16 Business growth and hiring a CEO
31:18 Making identity changes and avoiding old habits
36:28 Personal identity change and adaptation

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