EP 125: Creating a Better Business Plan

There isn’t a business owner I know who hasn’t asked themselves this question at some point.

Is business planning a waste of time?

There are so many unknowns.
Things are constantly changing.

How can anyone make a worthwhile plan with so many variables?

I’ll admit I went through a stage of not planning because every plan I made never came to be.

I’d sit for hours every quarter coming up with a plan setting out some KPIs.

And then… BAM

Something would happen, making the plan useless.

So I just stopped doing it.

I’d rather spend the time doing something more productive.

My mindset was, “Just make more money next month.”

Things will likely work out if I do that.

Who needs to do planning if I just make more money each month?? Right?

And it worked for a while.

But… then I got stuck.
I was playing such a short-term game that I missed some big opportunities.


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Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
1:07 Advertising strategies in Q4
3:48 Significance of planning in business
10:21 Quarterly planning and prioritization in business
13:22 Prioritizing tasks and planning for business growth
18:25 Taking accountability in business.
21:48 Having a supportive network in business

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