EP 109: How Would You Scale a Web Design Agency?

I’m not threatening you here but…

Hypothetically – let’s say… there was a threat on your life.

Where you were given no other choice but to scale a web design agency.

( WEIRD! I know, let’s run with it though 😂 )

How would you take that business from $10k to $50k or $100k in revenue per month?

Now… keep in mind that,

These types of businesses can be extremely difficult if you’re unprepared

And can come with very unique problems.

To give you some context here…

I’ve owned and ran my own web design businesses in the past.

Let me tell you – they can be incredibly susceptible to feast or famine market cycles.

I’d constantly be occupied delivering the projects we sold,
Which would lead to dry patches and lumpy monthly cash flow, as I wasn’t selling.

Only to see me over-correct and sell too much.

Now, I did put you on the spot at the start but…

Recently, I was presented with that exact challenge.
Sure – I’ll admit, maybe with less severe consequences.


I’m asking you seriously now…

How would you scale a web design agency in today’s market?

Especially with competitors like Shopify, Wix and SquareSpace offering incredibly low barriers to entry at more affordable price points?

Well, luckily for you.

Grant and I have both done this…

We’ll be discussing our experiences, as well as what we would do differently,

So that you can be better prepared and use these new skills in your own business.

Even if you are not in web design, the ideas on creating moats, marketing, etc might prompt action in your own business.

P.S. Do you feel your business could generate more profit and you would like us to share how we would approach it if it was ours – just let me know about the business and we will do an episode on it for you.


All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
05:40 Challenges Grant faced running a web-design agency 
14:10 Scaling a web design service for dentists 
14:28 Why Grant chose dentists as his niche
16:13 The subscription package
17:56 How Grant would market his web design service
22:46 Two types of products Grant would offer
27:17 Scaling a web design service for real estate agents 
27:24 Why I chose real estate agents as my niche
29:45 Generate recurring revenue through continuous need 
33:10 Creating a premium service 
35:21 My acquisition strategy 
36:08 Providing value through data and list management
39:33 How I would pitch my service to make it stand out

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