EP 099: Escape The Everyday To Re-Energise Your Business (Part 1)

Have you ever been on a holiday, only to find your brain solving problems you left behind without you pushing it to?

Well… I recently had this experience…

Grant and I just had the most amazing four-day getaway you could ever imagine!

Not to sound too woo… but it was beautiful

There was no time pressure…

No expectations of each other…

No specific outcome we were pushing for…

We spent our days just talking about what’s on the top of our head…

Which always ended up gravitating to what we both felt was important

Our organically went in-and-out on topics such as:
– podcast setups
– growth opportunities
– team planning
– etc

Topics that we usually try to fit into a zoom call and take actions on ASAP…
Were allowed to percolate, be questioned and come back to at another time during the weekend

I can’t describe it, besides that it felt relaxing and productive


I found that a lot of what happened over the weekend has actually resulted in better business outcomes.

To tell the truth…

When I go away, my business usually improves as an outcome.

I think the benefits of a getaway are usually one-sided.

We usually only focus on our personal benefits.


Your business benefits too!

Now… look.

It doesn’t have to be two weeks in the Maldives…

( hi James Schramko )

That’s not what I’m saying 😁


There’s truly something special about a getaway that motivates you and helps you look at obstacles with a new perspective.

In this week’s podcast episode, Grant and I discuss exactly that.

We spoke about our getaway as well as how it was structured so that you can replicate it and take action on your next getaway!

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
02:33 The need to getaway 
06:07 Why getting away is effective 
07:40 Routine is dangerous 
09:30 Brain space – giving time to think thoroughly 
16:21 Weekends away alone vs. weekends away with a bigger company 
25:07 Investing in better accommodations
30:08 Getting away to get perspective

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