EP 092: This Is What I Would Do Differently if I Had My Time Again

This question has come across my desk a few times.

“If you could have your time in business again, what would you do differently?”

My answer?




Everything has been “ON” the way, not “IN” the way.

To unpack that a little further…

Every mistake and challenge taught me something that pushed me closer to achieving my goals.

For example:

Taking on the wrong client and losing money on an account taught me

  • Better client selection 
  • How to price my services 

Losing money on bitcoin taught me

  • Importance of understanding what I’m investing in
  • That other people “doing it” is not an investment strategy (even if its Elon)

As you go through business, these “learning experiences” stack on top of each other and compound.

As they compound, you become better.

It builds you into the type of person who is capable of achieving your goals.

Here’s something you should consider…

(I think about this often.)

Are you having enough of the right experiences to build you into a person who can achieve your goals?

Even if it comes with making a mistake or losing money.

Maybe the reason you are stagnant or not making the progress you want is that you are avoiding the “learning experiences” that will build you.

Before getting into real estate, I read a lot of books on the topic.

Spoke with many experts and advisors.

As much as all the education helped.

The thing that levelled me up the most…

Actually buying 11 properties!

The combination of education + experience = built me into the investor I am today.


The mistakes made along the way were painful and challenging.


There were several times I lost money and time.


It was worth it.

I have the skill set and have been able to use it to become financially independent.

Now I’m not suggesting you get out there and become reckless, making all the mistakes you can.

But, playing small and safe is a big risk also.

You are risking never achieving your goals!


In this week’s episode of the podcast, Grant and I discuss:

“What we would do differently if we were starting our  businesses today.”

Tune in now!

PS: What would you do differently if you could have your time again? Leave a comment.

All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
04:41 Would you go back in time if you could?
06:12 Reinvesting back into business
13:52 Starting a business the wrong way
21:38 The truth about scaling your business
28:05 Why you should niche your business
34:17 Bookkeeping and accounting
41:10 Mastering one business

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