EP 086: Opportunities We See For 2023

It’s Grant! Just thought I’d hijack the episode posts from Charley again 😉

When I was a kid, I looooved mental challenges.

My mum (a teacher) would surprise me every now and then with specific books.

I remember them clearly.

Everything from colour by numbers to magic eyes pictures.

But there was one book that always stood out from the rest.

Where’s Wally!

I’m sure you’ve seen it before.

The book where you needed to find the guy in a red and white striped top and beanie, who also wears black glasses.

And, if you wanted to be an overachiever (like me), you didn’t stop until you also found:

  • Wally’s girlfriend
  • The Wizard
  • The bad guy (yellow and black top)
  • The dog
  • Even the dog bone, glasses, etc

I would spend ages on every picture.

So much so that I built a system.

If I couldn’t find Wally within 5 minutes, I would map out the entire picture in a grid.

Then, I would systematically look over square by square until I found EVERY item (kinda like search parties in the Netlfix murder mysteries).

Even just thinking about this puts a smile on my face.

But there was one thing I hated.

It was that once I found the items in the picture, I could never do it again.

A sense of accomplishment would come over me and then be consumed by a sense of disappointment.

No matter if it were a day, a week, or a month—whenever I opened the Where’s Wally picture again, my eyes would immediately find Wally and his friends.

It was impossible to “lose” them again.

So, when my friends came over and wanted to look for Wally, I would sit there stressed out, wanting to scream exactly where they all were instead of joining in the fun…

All the while, my friends would be hunting harder than ever to find them.

But what does this have to do with anything?

Well, 2023 is upon us.

And with a new year comes new opportunities.

In fact, I would argue that I can see more opportunities for business owners to generate wealth than ever before.

So many industries have been unlocked, and so many options to make the most of them.

But I still see a lot of business owners who cannot see them.

And it’s left me here feeling the same as in my childhood.

The situation where I knew where Wally was, but my friends were still trying to find him.

I can see the opportunities and want to help point them out for those who are hunting for them.

Which is why Charley and I dove into the opportunities we see in business and investments in the latest episode.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
01:59 Is AI one of the best opportunities for 2023?
04:06 Diving deep into TikTok ads
13:45 The power of having independent media
24:01 Businesses offering services for cost-cutting and efficiency
29:44 Combatting data breaches
36:47 Opportunities for property builders and developers
44:11 Multi-tenancies and the demand for properties
51:19 Has the Australian dream of owning a house changed?
55:19 Opportunities present in private lending

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