EP 083: Business: Biggest Lessons of 2022 (Part 2)

It’s Grant… again!

A few weeks ago, Hazel and I went over to Charley and Bianca’s for dinner.

(Which is a regular occurrence)

We started the night like any other.

We opened a bottle of single vineyard pinot noir from Yarra Valley,

Toasted to the last few weeks of a very successful year,

And moved on to cooking some of the best cuts of meat from the South Melbourne market butcher.

From the outset, it looked to be a fairly normal night.

While cooking and eating, we continued to talk about:
– the latest team updates
– our mentoring clients
– the podcast episodes
– and even getting down to health and families

The mood was great.

But, the best part had not even started yet…

Over the course of our meal, every now and again, someone would ask:
“Should we start it now?”

“No, no. Let’s wait a bit more,” was the constant reply.

After finishing our meal, we cleaned up and migrated to the lounge room.

Charley and Bianca sat on two chairs, and Hazel and I took our position on the couch.

All four of us were facing each other.

No television, no music, no Jack (he was in bed).

Heck, we had even exchanged the wine for tea.

“Who’s going to start?” Charley asked.

Everyone looked at the other.

“Bianca!” I said before anyone else could jump in.

“Do I just share my points from top to bottom based on the agenda?” she asked.


That’s right!

A group of friends set an agenda for what we were going to talk about.

And we’re excited about it!

We had set an agenda an entire week before our dinner.

(It was actually the prompt that triggered our latest episode topics.)

When you find a group of people who also want to grow and improve, it becomes infectious.

And, if you want ordinary results, do what ordinary people do.
But if you want extraordinary results, do what extraordinary people do.

Heck, we took it to a whole new level.

‘Some’ people were even sending blurred-out screenshots to egg others on.

Where’s the fun if I can’t turn it into a competition? 😂

Anyway, the agenda was simple:
– What were your biggest LESSONS of 2022
– What are your GOALS for 2023

But it created hours of conversations – especially the ‘lessons’.

It was better than a Tony Robbins event.

Everyone had spent hours on their lists.

But what made it even more special was the interaction with others.

For example,
When I would share a lesson from my list, Hazel would share some of her observations about me and the situation from a wife’s perspective.

Charley and Bianca would chime in as well by asking deeper questions.

It helped me reconfirm my thoughts while validating other lessons they might not have considered.

Everyone genuinely cared!

It wasn’t just for me, either. The response was the same no matter who was speaking.

There were…
– No egos
– No personal barriers
– No truth bending

And the result?

Absolute infection!

The energy in the room was electrifying.

This is exactly what business and investing with friends should be all about.

Nobody wanted the night to end.

It easily goes down as one of the best nights of the group.

And created a bond of a friendship group even further.

And this is what I want your end-of-year experience to feel like,

Which is why Charley and I shared our lessons learned in this week’s episode.

Check it out now!

All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
01:08 Build compounding businesses
04:08 Leverage vs compounding
11:05 Turning down good ideas
13:27 Factors affecting your ability to see or generate good business ideas
16:06 How to say no to great propositions

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