EP 080: Dealing with Family Over the Holidays with Toni Versic

It’s supposed to be a time of joy, happiness and celebration.
Yet, for the business owners, I know it’s a huge pain in the… (you know what)

Business doesn’t stop because Christmas is here.
We don’t get to punch out for two weeks like someone who works a 9-5.

If anything, Christmas just creates more pressure and stress.

As It adds more to our plate, not less.


Every year I am faced with the same challenge.

Doing what I want to do VS doing what others expect of me.

For example:

My family expects me to take two complete weeks off business. 

That I’ll spend each day by the pool eating and drinking to excess, bitching about people and talking about what the government “should” do. 🤮

While what I actually want to do is keep making progress in my business and the goals I have for my life.

I don’t know about you, but I want to:

  • work on my business 
  • look at investments 
  • read great books and learn new things 
  • improve my health
  • spend time with other ambitious business owners

Grant and I are even planning to do a podcast on Xmas day.
( I love what I do so much )

This conflict between what is expected of me VS what I want to do creates a huge amount of guilt.

When working, I feel guilty about not spending time with my family.
When with family, I feel guilty about the lack of progress I’m making in my own life.

It’s a lose-lose game for two weeks.
I look forward to everyone going back to work.


In this week’s episode of the podcast, we have a repeat guest and fan favourite Toni Versic.

Toni has come on for a specific reason.

He has a set of strategies and frameworks to help business owners have a better experience with family and friends over Christmas.

The ‘Love Meeting’ framework he outlines in the episode is particularly powerful.
(I will be using that one myself)

This episode might just be the difference between having a great Christmas or an incredibly stressful one.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
02:53 Who is Toni Versic?
04:52 Why do business people struggle with the holidays?
08:42 Make loved ones know what you will and will not do
11:50 Have a plan before January
12:07 What if you haven’t reached your goals for the year? 
16:06 Other types of work business people can do during the holidays
18:49 Having a reflective piece with your loved ones 
26:02 Apply principles in business in my personal life
26:40 Love meetings (Questions you can ask) 
32:22 Dealing with loved ones who are difficult 
36:01 You cannot control, you can only influence
39:25 The superpower is to change yourself

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