EP 079: Business – Favourite Resources of 2022

For the past few weeks, I have been cooking the same dishes over and over. 


I’m attempting to improve my cooking skills.

Simple idea: refine techniques to create serious deliciousness.

Yet the big discovery is…

… if you cook the same meal 10 times in 2 weeks, you stop enjoying the meal 😝

… it’s become so repetitive that it’s longer fun

The frustrating internal tug-o-war ensues…

cooking the dishes on repeat to improve

– VS –

cooking things that excite me and keeping it fun


The urge to rebel and cook something different has been creeping in…

On Friday, this build-up reached a breaking point.

“I want to break free” by queen was playing loud on rotation inside my head 😂

*** Side note… Great song ***

I hatched my plan 😈

With a newfound spring in my step I bounded off to the supermarket.

Skipping down the aisle with a big smile, picking up all kinds of new and exciting things to cook with.

Eventually, hitting the best aisle in the supermarket.

The spice isle 🥳

This is where flavours are born.

My mouth was salivating, thinking of the meal that would be created tonight. 

Looking across the shelves, there was this bright electric blue jar that caught my eye.

A Mexican spice mix was calling out to me.

Without hesitation, I threw it into my basket and headed for the checkout.

My walk home from the supermarket felt very different than earlier in the week.

My posture was more upright, my strides were longer and faster.

The excitement of the kitchen had returned.

The feeling was back

Yeah baby !


What started as making one new dish turned into a weekend cooking bonanza.

Bianca (wife) was certainly also thrilled to see something new on the menu.

By Sunday night, we were both so stuffed with delicious food we needed to lie down. 😂

Bianca made a comment that it was nice to see me having so much fun in the kitchen, and happiness was beaming off me all weekend.

And… it was the best food she had tasted from me.

She also noticed that this version of me was showing up in the other areas of my life.

 – Family time with our son

 – Podcast recordings 

 – Business conversations

My whole energy and mood had changed in a good way.

Then it hit me…

I used to do the same thing in business.

I would grind in the pursuit of improving my business.
(to make more $$$)

But, it would take all the joy and fun out of the experience of being a business owner.
I would make it feel like suffering.

Funnily enough, when you make a business feel like suffering for $$, you end up making less $$ over the long term because it’s not sustainable.

Eventually, you act out as I did in the kitchen.

Business can be fun, exciting and extremely profitable!
And it might just be the secret ingredient.

Enjoying your business might be the very thing you need to get the business results you want.

Maybe it’s time for you to inject some more fun and excitement into your business..

With that in mind…

In this week’s podcast, Grant and I share our best business resources of 2022.

Think of these resources like the Mexican spice mix in the bright blue jar.
Add them to your basket and see what you can cook up.

You can tune into the episode here: (https://youtu.be/FJ9bZrnxBp0)

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
1:59 The All-In Podcast 
7:38 The Power of One More (Ed Mylett)
9:50 Conquering the Mind (Naval Ravikant and Kapil Gupta)
14:04 A business will always be limited by the business owner 
14:19 Passing on what you are to your children
15:40 My First Million (Shaan Puri and Sam Paar)
16:01 Compound and Friends (Joshua Brown and Michael Batnick)
20:40 Story Sales Machine (Bill Mueller) 
24:09 The 4-Day MBA (Keith Cunningham)
29:00 Working with a mentor – James Schramko

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