EP 060: The Easiest Way to Lose Half of Your Wealth… Neglecting Your Home Life – With Toni Versic

This story is important.
Do not make this mistake with your own relationship.

After many years of struggling to get my 1st business off the ground, I had a breakthrough.

I landed my first big client.

I was so happy and relieved to have finally broken through.
We were finally making some good $$$.

To that point, we had been living mostly off my wife’s income and some savings we had.

She was incredibly supportive, but the whole reason I started my business was so I could provide for my family.

I was doing a poor job at providing, and our bank account was getting lower every month.

Truth be told, I wasn’t far away from going back to a job as the pressure to provide was building.

But, that had all just changed thanks to this new client coming on board.


One of the things my “big client” needed was an ads campaign to go live on boxing day.
They wanted to take advantage of the boxing day sales rush.

I, of course, agreed to it and wanted to impress my new client.
I was keen as mustard to get some wins on the board for them.

One of the challenges with that, however, meant I would need to work on Christmas day.

A price I was willing to pay to finally see some success in my business and be able to provide for my wife.

Christmas day came around, and we had a beautiful morning together.

I was extra excited about Christmas as I actually had some money to buy my wife a gift from business profits.

We went to a bigger family lunch together, and the day just kept getting better.

The whole family was in a great mood.
So many smiles and laughter in the air.

About halfway through lunch, I got up and started to say goodbye to everyone.
I emphasised that I was going to work and that business was doing well!

I had this “big client”, and I was launching their boxing day campaign.

I thought everyone would be impressed by my dedication and happy to hear business was doing well.

What I didn’t realise…
I left my wife alone on Christmas day, having to defend my behaviour to her family.

Turns out no one was impressed with me leaving the lunch.
(My wife included.)

The truth was that all I had done since starting my business was work 24/7.

Even though in my mind, “I was doing it for my family.”

All I had done was show them that the business was more important to me than them.
Essentially that the business was the priority, everything else came second!

When I caught up with my wife later that day, I thought we would celebrate the successful campaign together.

I thought she would be happy to see me win in business and would understand all the sacrifices I was making.

I was wrong.

It was a Christmas day we will never get back.
It was time with family members we will never get back.

Since starting the business, her life had become so much harder as she had to put up with a partner who was never there.

The family I was working so hard to provide for wasn’t going to be there if I kept behaving like this.

That Christmas was a turning point in my life.
It was an incredibly tough pill to swallow.

I made massive changes to my life after that day.

To follow on from this story…

This week on the podcast, I have brought on Toni Versic.

Toni specialises in helping business owners with their relationships.

Really what he does is help business owners not do dumb things like I did in the above story.
And… help them fix their relationships if they have done some dumb things like me.

What I love about this episode…

Toni gives away some strategies that are easy to implement today and will yield a big win in your relationship.

Part of being a FULL STACK business owner means having a great home life.
Many business owners end up getting taken for half of what they worked so hard to build and finish their remaining years broke and alone.

DO NOT ignore your relationships as a part of your full stack journey.

All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing
01:09 Learn about Toni Versic and what he does
03:19 The highest-risk asset for business owners
07:52 Signs to look out for if your home life is taking a downturn
12:45 Focusing on self-improvement for the business
15:55 How to get back on track with your health and relationship
19:44 Balancing multiple areas in your life as a business owner
28:55 Why communication is the key to connection
36:41 Improving relationship with your kids
43:15 Dealing with uncertainties from your partner
51:02 Get in touch with Toni Versic

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Toni Versic is the CEO and Coach for The Empowered Man Method, a proven roadmap to help men become the best husband, father, and business owner. He aims to help career-driven men become more successful in business without sacrificing their health or relationships.

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