EP 016: Why We Were Forced to Change Our Name

I am shutting down Asset Blocks (not kidding).

What a stressful and intense few weeks it has been…
(Long story coming.)

Recently ASIC (Australia’s financial regulators) made some changes that directly impacted what we had planned for “Asset Blocks”.

Due to those changes, we are wrapping up Asset Blocks.

We do not want to do the wrong thing or be in the firing line of ASIC.

The penalties for breaching are severe and include big fines with the potential of jail time.

As I’m sure you can imagine, the last few weeks have been incredibly stressful for Grant and me.

We have scrambled for legal advice and guidance on how to handle the situation.

Initially, I was pissed!

Actually… pissed is underselling it.

I was enraged! 

Nearly every day, someone reaches out to me and says how much they are enjoying Asset Blocks.

That it has been the catalyst for them getting their business and finances sorted.

A huge amount of business owners need help when it comes to money, and I believed Asset Blocks would be the thing to change that.

However, after spending 30 minutes on YouTube and Instagram looking at what “Fin-fluencers” are doing, I get it.

ASIC is right and needs to take action on this.

There are many broke, unlicensed people out there giving terrible advice.

Things like:

“Buy this stock and hold it forever.”
“Buy a property here. It will double in the next few years.”
“Crypto is going to the moon. Go all-in.”

While these influencers might be well-intending…
The things they suggest are insane and terrible advice.

To be clear… Grant and I are not qualified or licensed to give financial advice.

We do not pick any investments or financial products for anyone.

We do not handle anyone’s money.

Our advice is to find and hire professionals who have achieved great results for people like you!

Vet them VERY well, speak to their clients and hold them accountable.

As that is what we did…

Our goal with the Asset Blocks podcast and brand is to share our own experiences, opinions and results as a form of education.

We want to show what is possible and inspire other business owners to pursue wealth creation.

Grant and I have achieved a level of financial success and it was hard to get good information on wealth building for us (business owners).

My big hope was that you listen to an episode of Asset Blocks and take it to your accountant or financial advisors and question them on it.

Use our podcast as a form of education to hold your own financial advisors and team accountable.

Make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing as many financial advisors are terrible! 

(If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Royal Banking Commission.)

Now your advisors might say we are wrong, and that’s fine.
At least you asked questions and can be confident you are being looked after.

Anyhow, back to the point.

What’s happening to Asset Blocks?

Yes, Asset Blocks is over…

But, we decided to take this as an opportunity.

Instead of bitching, moaning and playing victim, we decided to make a pivot.

From this day on, Asset Blocks becomes “Business and Investing”.

Yes, we are continuing podcasting and bringing you content!

But… with some changes.

Many business owners reached out to us and said they loved the content on wealth creation.

But… they also need to improve their business to support building wealth.

After hearing it so many times, we have decided to start including business topics on the podcast also.

Specifically, business topics that will support wealth building!

This means you will get content on both wealth creation & business from us from now on.
(Within ASIC’s new guidelines of course.)

Far too many business owners are missing key business owner skills.

Instead of developing those key skills, they stay trapped in the grind of chasing the next sale or trying to find the next marketing loophole to exploit.

… Which is an endless grind to poor results and a shitty life.

Anyhow, I will go into much more depth about that in this episode of the podcast.

A big thank you for the support and conversations that Asset Blocks created.

I hope you stick with us and continue to tune in to Business and Investing.

DISCLAIMER: All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Welcome to Business and Investing!
01:40 Why ‘Business and Investing’
03:10 What triggered the name change
06:35 What we will NOT be discussing in the show
09:07 Business owners should not resist change
13:35 Listen to what your customers want
18:36 Successful business owners have full stack skills
22:00 You don’t know what you don’t know
24:12 What you can expect from the show
27:31 How we feel about the change

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