EP 007: How Borrowing Money is Different for Australian Business Owners with Aaron Whybrow

I’ll never forget the first time I applied for a loan as a business owner.

The broker practically laughed at me.

Like he thought I was making a joke to ask for a loan.

I had no idea that my decision to go into business would affect my ability to borrow money in such a drastic way…

Sadly this is a topic not often discussed or known by most business owners.

When I was employed, all I had to do was talk to our broker and show them a few payslips. 

Then BAM! Loan approved.

But since being a business owner (despite making much more money!) I was TOO HIGH RISK to lend any money to.

What I want you to learn from this podcast…

…Is there’s a whole different set of rules that apply for business owners when it comes to the game of borrowing money.

You can win this game. But first, you need to know the rules.

So listen to this episode with mortgage broker Aaron Whybrow to understand how to borrow money as an Australian business owner.

DISCLAIMER: All information we share is NOT financial or investment advice and is purely intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Always seek professional advice before acting on any financial decision.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Introduction
01:33 Who is Aaron and what does he do?
03:33 Borrowing money as an employee vs as a business owner
11:18 Alt-doc lending for business owners
14:54 Not all mortgage brokers are made equal
19:14 How to find the right mortgage broker
23:16 Restructuring your loans to fit your needs
27:33 It’s not about the interest rate, but the ROI
31:04 Having a good business fixes your lending problems
33:13 The left pocket, right pocket borrowing approach
37:40 Common financial fixes needed for business owners
43:45 Does tax minimization hurt your borrowing capacity?
48:08 Should business owners buy or rent?
55:50 No business owner can retire on their business income
59:23 Making no decision is the worst decision
01:01:39 What Aaron would have done differently in his wealth creation journey

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About the Guest:

Aaron Whybrow is the founder of Diagnostics and Finance, a Financial Broking and Personal Risk Insurance Business.

Diagnostics & Finance (ARW Financial Services Pty Ltd) is a Credit Representative 425540 of Finsure Finance & Insurance ACL 384704.

He is known as the ‘bagpiping mortgage broker’, who prides himself on having no ‘flats’ in his career. He blends his experiences as a former intensive care unit nurse and medical sales rep to provide the best outcomes for his clients. 

Connect with Aaron and his team through our Partners page: https://businessandinvesting.com/partners/diagnostics-and-finance/ 



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